Home Activity: Binary Bracelets

Binary Bracelets is a terrific STEM event activity from Code.org that combines an introduction to binary and a fun craft. Binary is a method to represent information with only 2 options – on and off. A regular light switch is an example of binary – it is either on or off with no in between. Computers see information in binary as on or off.

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Home Activity: Slime

One of our most popular STEM Night activities was slime making where kids learned how to make slime and got to take some home. Most of the supplies for this chemistry activity are common items that you might already have at home: glue, food coloring (powder or liquid dye), lotion, bowls, Tide or/and Borax solution, shaving cream, and cornstarch.

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Home Activity: Rainbow Capillary Action

Do you have a kid who is interested in science? Here’s an easy experiment on capillary action that even younger students can do. All you need are 7 cups, water, paper towels, and food dye in three colors: red, yellow, and blue. Arrange the cups close together in a line. Fold a paper towel into eighths. Cut off the ends so it fits into two of the cups, like a bridge. Repeat 5 more times so there are enough paper towels to connect all the cups, but do not leave them in the cups yet.

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Home Activity: Squishy Circuits

squishy_circuitSquishy Circuits was a STEM Night crowd favorite – everyone from preschoolers to parents enjoyed playing with this easy-to-do circuitry. Everyone learned how electricity and currents work by creating and testing circuits with a play dough-like material.

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Swim With the Sharks

On the afternoon of June 28, at 1:45 pm, at the Florida Aquarium, in Tampa, Florida, I went to the front desk with Mom and Alexa to sign in for the Shark Swim activity. The aquarium website describes it by saying “Swim with the Fishes, an in-water reef experience gives guests 6 and older an adventure on a replica of one of the Florida Keys’ most beautiful coral reef dive sites without being a certified SCUBA diver!” Another girl, Emma (age 12), would also be swimming with us, and there is a maximum of four people, so we just made it in. We were lead by the supervisor, Steve, to the training room, where we would watch a video about the swim, before heading to the lockers. We slowly changed into the tight wetsuits that the Aquarium gave us, and left the locker rooms to head to the employee area of the Coral Reef Gallery.

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Home Activity: Rainbow in a Tube

Rainbow in a TubeOne of our most popular STEM Night activities was “Rainbow in a Tube” where families learned about the properties of density while carefully adding liquids to test tubes. By pouring in each liquid, they created a beautifully layered rainbow with distinct lines separating each layer of liquid without the liquids mixing.

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