BAM Teknopolis

Imagine you’re at an art museum. What do you see? Paintings? Sculptures? Now, imagine that there is a new exhibit called Teknopolis. What do you think will be there? More sculptures? Sketches? Imagine walking in and seeing not paintings nor sculptures, but art that is moving. How can art move? What art is this? Is this even art? Welcome to Teknopolis, the art of the future.

Teknopolis is at the BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) Fisher. When you walk in to Teknopolis, you will be surrounded by screens. It’ll be dark, but you can still see well. Almost all of the screens in there are interactive. What do you think are on the screens?

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Leonardo DaVinci

The Museum of Science in Boston currently features the traveling exhibit about Leonardo DaVinci. He was an incredible inventor, engineer, and artist. There were wooden models of many of his inventions. In addition to his designs, the exhibit includes enlargements of his anatomical sketches and analyses of the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper. DaVinci was a man ahead of his time, despite him feeling like a failure when he died.

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Home Activity: Squishy Circuits

squishy_circuitSquishy Circuits was a STEM Night crowd favorite – everyone from preschoolers to parents enjoyed playing with this easy-to-do circuitry. Everyone learned how electricity and currents work by creating and testing circuits with a play dough-like material.

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The Family Tower Building Challenge

The Family Tower Building Challenge was the grand finale at a recent STEM event where 20+ teams of 4 people built the tallest tower they could in 6 minutes. It was an exciting contest as teams constructed towers out of 5 sheets of paper, 4 popsicle sticks, 3 straws, 3 feet of masking tape, and a pipe cleaner. The tallest tower reached 68 inches and won a prize of 6 deluxe museum tickets.

Although gathering 20 to 30 teams in your home might be unrealistic, you can create the same excitement and energy with your family. Gather a few supplies: Continue reading “The Family Tower Building Challenge”

Using a Digital Microscope

By Alexa (age 9, @KNEstemGirls)

Butterfly WingI just got a microscope! It’s super cool.

The microscope that we have looks like a cylinder with a round back and a light in the front. It comes with a stand and a ruler. It also has a magnification indicator. Unlike traditional microscopes, our digital microscope doesn’t have an eyepiece. Continue reading “Using a Digital Microscope”

Coding for Kids

Most people have heard about the important and almost urgent need to get children more engaged in STEM and more specifically computer programming, but why is it so critical? Computers and technology are everywhere and part of our everyday lives. In fact, 67% of software jobs are outside the technology industry in traditionally non-technology fields like entertainment, retail, government, and even agriculture. Continue reading “Coding for Kids”

Want to take over the world? Learn to Code

by Erika (age 12, @KNEstemGirls)

Eventually, the world will be based on computers and technology. We might have robot nannies and more efficient, less annoying Siris. Apple will grow and have more apps and programs. TVs will be voice-controlled and know your favorite channels. And all of it will all be based on computer code. Continue reading “Want to take over the world? Learn to Code”

How I learned to code

by Alexa (age 9, @KNEstemGirls)

Color Coaster Game (by me!)

A few months ago, I didn’t know how to code, but I just finished creating my 8th mini-game (I’m working on my 9th).

I learned to code from, Scratch, and particularly Tynker. On Tynker, there are different coding games. My favorite is Debugger. In Debugger, you go on an adventure and debug the system to complete puzzles. Continue reading “How I learned to code”

“Rusty” the Robot

The NAO Robot has been a hot topic since our recent STEAM Fair. The NAO is an adorable, 23-inch tall, programmable, humanoid robot from Aldebaran Robotics. This incredible little guy can walk, talk, see you, hear you, and feel your touch. Aldebaran designed NAO to be “a friendly companion around the house”. Right now, he is a star in computer science classes from elementary schools to colleges as well as computer programmers. Continue reading ““Rusty” the Robot”