Leonardo DaVinci

The Museum of Science in Boston currently features the traveling exhibit about Leonardo DaVinci. He was an incredible inventor, engineer, and artist. There were wooden models of many of his inventions. In addition to his designs, the exhibit includes enlargements of his anatomical sketches and analyses of the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper. DaVinci was a man ahead of his time, despite him feeling like a failure when he died.

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Glass Flowers at the Harvard Museum of Natural History

The glass flowers at the Harvard Museum of Natural History are known for being realistic. If you go to the glass exhibit your reaction will probably be like mine: “These can’t be real.” Not only does the exhibit have life-like flowers, but it also has slices of the stems, the fruits, the roots, stamens, side views of a flower, and some of the flowers have insects inside them!

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Mind Maps: A Different Way to Take Notes

Have you ever seen a mind map? Mind maps may look disorganized, but they actually mimic how our brains store information. That is why you might also know a mind map as a thought web or a concept map. A mind map is a helpful tool for displaying your understanding of a topic. When you make a mind map, you should know that you’re converting information into knowledge. The good thing is, you can use mind maps for almost anything. Also, they’re fun to do! Continue reading “Mind Maps: A Different Way to Take Notes”

Super Memory

By Erika (age 12,  @KNEstemGirls)

If I asked you to memorize a list of 10 random things in order, such as pig, couch, vase, chicken, pillow, hill, knife, book, ribbon, and lamp, would you be able to do it? You might be able to remember it today, but what about later? What about a week from now? Or maybe two? Would you still be able to remember those objects? Luck for you, Harry Lorayne wrote a book, Super Memory Super Student, with many memorization techniques to memorize license plates, US presidents, math formulas, and other things that you can never quite grasp.
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How much homework is good for kids? (One 9 year old’s opinion)

by Alexa (age 9, @KNEstemGirls)

All About Homework
I think that a small amount of homework is good for kids. What do you think?

Homework lets the teacher know which students need help in the classroom. Homework is an important component of education for students in the middle and upper grades of schooling. It is an opportunity for students to review what is covered in the classroom. Continue reading “How much homework is good for kids? (One 9 year old’s opinion)”

Learning to write

To the chagrin of our family, good writing requires more than just coming up with a brilliant idea and putting it on paper or (more often these days) in a Word document. Good writing truly is an art form and a science. How do we help our children become good writers? Like everything else, it requires practice, but how and what should we practice? These are some of the questions our family asked as we started this newsletter. Continue reading “Learning to write”

Time to Stand Up

After a summer of swimming, traveling, and other fun-filled activities, sitting quietly at their desks for a long school day is a challenge for our daughters. Even when they actually sat, they rarely sat “normally”. We often found them moving around, curling their legs up underneath them, and even “sitting” upside down on the sofa. Continue reading “Time to Stand Up”

The Percy Jackson & the Olympians Art Adventure at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Theseus Drinking CupMy husband and 11-year-old daughter excitedly exclaimed, “Over here! We found it!” Our 8-year-old daughter and I rushed over to the glass case they were examining. Inside was an ornately decorated ancient Greek drinking cup (which was more like the size of a bowl) of Theseus saying goodbye to his father, Poseidon, as he sailed off to Crete to slay the Minotaur. We also found the surprise secret painting on the inside of Theseus also saying goodbye to his stepmother, Amphitrite. This was just part of the fun we had doing the The Percy Jackson & the Olympians Art Adventure at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Continue reading “The Percy Jackson & the Olympians Art Adventure at the Metropolitan Museum of Art”

The Long Island Fair at Old Bethpage Restoration Village

Cross-cut SawingI could see the focus and determination on my daughter’s face as she and my husband alternated pulling the 2-person saw back and forth. Shrush! Shrush! Shrush! Success! They cut through their log in just under 44 seconds to win their heat of the cross-cut saw contest at the Long Island Fair!

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